The following web service groups are hosted within ServiceX:


Web services are about to come of age. Using simple xml requests, authorised users can benefit from sophisticated software solutions over the web. Benefits include:

  1. No expensive investment in new hardware or software
  2. No data licences
  3. No lengthy development time
  4. No dedicated personnel to rely on
  5. Only pay for what you use

Service-X web service solutions:

Why not mix various solutions into one application?

  1. Addresspoint
    Pass postcode or partial address details and receive back full address, company name and x/y location to 1 metre.
  2. Mapper
    Maps at any defined scale, size and centred on an x/y.
  3. Routing
    Input various points in lat/long and receive back a data packet defining a route, binary map image and journey times / distances by turn. Allows time or distance as the route optimisation.
  4. SMS
    Send and receive sms texts from any mobile number.
  5. Mobile
    Receive back an x/y position and location for an authorised mobile phone, why not display on a map using mapper.
  6. Nearest2
    Select a location then receive back points of interest based on distance from the start point.
  7. Single Number Dialing
    Can be used to connect a line line or mobile phone call to your nearest store.
  8. Territory Mapping
    We can define territories for you, when you pass a postcode into this service we will return the territory it belongs to.
  9. Local Information | Education
    Enter a postcode to receive back local information such as height above sea level, radon levels, your local MP, council tax bands, property prices and schools results.

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